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J     a     n     e      O     r     r 

                  I n t u i t i v e C o n s u l t a n t


"I am always intrigued when working with Jane. She has an abundance of advice and experience and is always kind and compassionate. Since meeting Jane, I have shifted my life into a new direction which is working really well. I will keep visiting Jane and look forward to our next chat."

Paul Cook Writer and Researcher in Events & Hospitality

"I first met JANE ORR on my birthday. I had just been diagnosed with Cancer and was in need of both spiritual and practical guidance. Dealing with Cancer is always a group effort. Thanks to my brilliant surgeon and some fantastic hospital staff I am now Cancer free. It was however a very frightening time. Jane helped me to face it by building my inner strength and giving me hope. Knowing that I had someone there if needed was deeply reassuring and Jane's common sense and humour got me through some dark days. Whatever happens in life having someone who you can laugh with and who genuinely cares about your well being is vital. Jane does this with great skill."

Chris. London. Entrepreneur.

"Since my first appointment, I had no doubt that she is the real deal and I recommend her highly without reservation. What appeals to me is her unique understanding of both the corporate world and her spiritual talent. The combination results in accurate advice, healing and appropriate guidance on every occasion. Simply amazing - thank you so much!"

Male client, Manager, Financial Services"

"Jane amazing lady. If ever I need advice on any level, she is one of the first I would go to. i work in similar fields though different in many ways. I have found this easy to write as Jane has helped me in many ways with such speed, she can go to source imminently and have you sorted in next to no time and you genuinely feel it. She knows exactly what she is doing. I have had healing with Jane and I have also had a reading off her too. In both cases I was moved and that takes alot. There's not many like her, trust me.....I know. I can't big her up enough and I only hope she can get to as many as possible to share her master of energy. You wont be disappointed."

Sarah May

"I loved my reading with Jane!!! It was SO positive, enlightening, and in-depth. For me, it was like taking a fresh dip on a hot day in a beautiful tropical pool of water. I appreciated Jane's use of a variety of modalities during the reading from channeling to the use of tarot cards and much more. I recommend her services highly!"

Laurie (India, via Skype)

"I have been seeing Jane for readings for around 4 years now, my first being a much appreciated birthday present. I find her knowledge (on pretty much everything!) of huge comfort, and gain such clarity on my feelings, and any conundrums going on in my mind. I think to say Jane simply has a 'gift', would be a disservice, it is much more than that. I actively seek her advice, which has always served me very well! Her sense of humour also deserves a mention, laughter really is the best medicine! Louisa, London."

Dear Jane, THANK YOU! Your generous heart, and dirty laugh, bring wonder & joy! Much love. Mel xxx