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J     a     n     e      O     r     r 

                  I n t u i t i v e C o n s u l t a n t

R e a d i n g s

I start by reading the tarot cards, whilst at the same time, accessing clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance [see below]. The client can also ask specific questions, and I will then tune in again to spirit as well as use other spreads of cards.

My clients consult me on various different life challenges including; legal, career, money, health, travel, business, family, relationships, divorce, house moving or spiritual development.

I do not specifically offer mediumship sittings, this is where the psychic makes contact with loved ones in spirit. However, I often receive images and messages and if so, I will pass this on. It is not possible to ‘call up’ a loved one in spirit, which doesn’t mean they are not sending you their love.

The different types of psychic intuition;


Means to see clearly. Here the psychic receives images in their minds eye as

pictures, either as stills or like watching a movie.


Means to feel clearly. In this case, the psychic can physically feel another person’s emotions and physical symptoms. This is commonly described as Empathic.


Means to hear clearly. This means the psychic receives auditory messages.


Means to hear clearly. This means the psychic receives auditory messages.


Involves connecting to people in the Spirit world, either those who were living and have now made the transition back into spirit, or beings from different dimensions, eg. angels, and can include all of the above gifts.

Mediumship Rescue Work

Involves the psychic making contact with a spirit who has not fully completed their transition in spirit, and requires a specific healing, which allows them to complete their journey into “The Light”. There are many reasons why this happens, sometimes it is the circumstances of their death, it may be because of their mental state, or they feel they have some unfinished business, Occasionally, the living hold them in limbo through their grief. If you have gone for a mediumship sitting, and the medium was unable to connect, this maybe the reason. If the medium is experienced they will be able to carry out the rescue, and that will have been the purpose of your sitting. Rescue work is a great honour, and highly regarded by the spirit world.

Mediumship Rescue Work - Price on application

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"All readings should be considered for entertainment purposes only, and must not be used to make life changing decisions. Over 18's only. Interpretation is entirely the responsibility of the client. Connection with loved ones in spirit cannot be guaranteed. Medical diagnosis is prohibited."