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J     a     n     e      O     r     r 

                  I n t u i t i v e C o n s u l t a n t


NLP & Life Coaching

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a study of how we gather and store information, words, emotions, sounds, feelings and physical sensations, and how this affects our behaviour.  

 Life Coaching is a process that helps you to identify and achieve your personal and business goals. 

NLP & Life Coaching

Firstly, I will take a history. Then you will be asked to lie down, fully clothed, on a treatment couch [this can also be given whilst seated in a chair, if lying down is uncomfortable]. I will start by assessing your energy levels, and then begin by gently touching your head. I then move round your body, holding my hands a couple of inches away, working my way down to your feet to ground the energy. Then finally, I will check your energy levels again. Clients report feeling totally relaxed, and having the best nights sleep they have had for ages, following a treatment. Medical diagnosis is prohibited.

Theta Healing®

Theta Healing® is a therapy based on changing limiting beliefs. Theta is a brainwave, which we all experience during deep relaxation. Whilst, in this calm state, our energy field and neural pathways are open to accepting positive change. During a consultation, firstly, it is established what the client would like to change. Then there will be a series of questions to identify exactly what has created the problem. Having isolated the core issue, it is agreed as to what that will be replaced with. By using muscle testing, it is possible to show the client that a positive change has occurred. Theta Healing® can be applied to any life issue, including past lives.

Past Life Regression

Our memory bank is not limited to our current life. It is possible to access other lives via our DNA and spiritual body. This therapy can be useful to identify a core issue. I only use this for therapeutic sessions, not purely for entertainment, and reserve the right to refuse it. I’ve yet to meet Cleopatra!

Spiritual Development

Many clients come to me having had a spiritual experience and wish to explore this further. and develop their psychic intuition.

Spirit Rescue & House Energy Cleansing

Do you feel tired all the time for no apparent reason? Have you moved house and found the new property has affected your relationships, health or abundance? It could be the energy of the previous residents in this lifetime, or from spirit. [This is not a substitute for a health check, if you are experiencing symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion, it is prudent to seek medical advice first, from your Doctor].

Psychic Attack

Your energy field can be susceptible to psychic attack from other people's thoughts and actions with intention. You may have recently experienced a divorce, family or friends disagreement, or business betrayal. Their negative energy can cause physical symptoms such as upset stomachs, migraines, insomnia, inability to concentrate, as well as mental health issues, in addition to common stress.