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Contact Me:+44 (0)7813 717846

Email Me:[email protected]

J     a     n     e      O     r     r 

                  I n t u i t i v e C o n s u l t a n t

about me

Following a successful secretarial and admin career in government, retail and business sectors, I retrained as a psychotherapist and holistic practitioner. Following my studies, I was a tutor on the MA Psychotherapy & Healing course, validated by MIddlesex University. I have always had an interest in the esoteric and spirit world, however, as the archetypical psychic sceptic, the spirit world made sure I had many psychic experiences myself! I initially trained with Lee Everett, a very gifted healer and spiritual counsellor. Over the years I have been lucky to learn from the following teachers: Denise Linn, Doreen Virtue, Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Candice Pert, Vianna Stibal, Ian White, Steve Johnson, Clare Harvey, Dr Judy Griffin, Caroline Myss, Catherine Ponder, Lisa Mechen, Bob Proctor.

I am a magical person, with a hotline to spirit. I can tune into your aura and past lives, as well as your current situation. I can see and deal with unwanted energetic cords from others, help you identify and clear limiting beliefs, old vows, contracts and outmoded behavourial patterns from this life as well as others. I continue my own spiritual development and downloading new healing gifts, to add to my substantial toolbox.

I am the proud mother of two young adults, and I live in the Sussex countryside.


  • Certificate of NLP Life Coaching;
  • Certificate of Hypnotherapy;
  • Postgraduate Diploma Analytical Therapy & Healing;
  • Certificate Swedish Massage;
  • Certificate Past Life Regression;
  • Certificate Soul Coaching ®;
  • Certificate Tui Na;
  • Certificates Flower Essence Practictioner - Australian Bush Flower Essences, Petit Fleur, Alaskan Essences and Pacific Essences;
  • Advanced Practictioner Theta Healing ®, Basic & Advanced Instructor Theta Healing ®;
  • Intuitive Anatomy Theta Healing®;
  • Reiki Level 1 & Level 2 Practitioner;
  • CranioSacral Therapy Level 1 Workshop;